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  • Find RELIEF from Headaches through Physical Therapy



    Find RELIEF from Headaches through Physical Therapy

    Headaches can be so debilitating, draining you of your energy and making it hard to concentrate. Did you know that headache pain is the third most common pain complaint worldwide? Many people do not realize that physical therapy for headaches is one of the best, most effective treatments available today. ...

  • Dear Abby



    Dear Abby

    Dear Abby, I have noticed a pain in my elbow when I am washing dishes or working in the garden. It’s a nagging ache. What can I do to help this? Sincerely, Katie Murphy Dear Katie, The solution to this problem is have your husband or children do the dishes ...

  • Behind the Scenes



    Behind the Scenes

    What Are Hydrocollator Packs & How Do They Benefit Physical Therapy Patients? Part of the reason why physical therapy is so successful and effective is because it often relies on using supplemental therapies in conjunction with manual manipulation techniques in order to relieve pain and restore mobility to the joints of ...

  • Living with Arthritis



    Living with Arthritis

    Living with Arthritis: Move more of Move Less? “I can’t work in my garden anymore because of my arthritis.” “I can’t fish anymore because of my arthritis.” “My arthritis is so bad I can’t play with my grandkids.” These are all statements our Elite physical therapists hear too often. Is this ...

  • Patient Success Story – Gerald Lacombe



    Patient Success Story – Gerald Lacombe

    After eight years of pain, a total knee replacement was exactly what the doctor ordered. It wasn’t the actual surgery I was dreading, but the months of Physical Therapy. Reading articles about the physical and mental pains of PT on the internet, would make anyone want to avoid it. However, ...