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  • Ask A PT



    Ask A PT

    Your Questions Answered With Juliana Meeker, DPT Ask a PT:  Manual Therapy PATIENT QUESTION: Dear Elite PT, I keep hearing the term “manual therapy.” What is it? Is it the same thing as “physical therapy?” Who does it? What injuries or problems is it good for? B. Jeansonne PT ANSWER: ...

  • Ask A PT



    Ask A PT

    Your Questions Answered. With Julia Harrison-Sketo, DPT, C/NDT Ask a PT:  Balance and Falls PATIENT QUESTION: Dear Elite PT, I am in my mid-sixties and I am noticing that I do not have the balance I once had. I also feel unsteady on stairs and when bending over. I am ...

  • Ask A PT



    Ask A PT

    Your Questions Answered. With Marcus Walker, DPT How Long Should I Keep Icing an Injury? This is one of the most common questions I hear in the clinic on a daily basis, as well as patients disbelief in the power of icing for more than just 24-48 hours after an ...