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Dear Abby

28 Oct

Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I saw your VIDEO about posture at the work place on the Elite Facebook Page and have incorporated these ideas into my daily routine at work. However, I have noticed that since being home and home schooling my kids due to Covid-19 that I also need to help them maintain proper ergonomic posture when doing their school work on the computer. Can you help me with this?


Jesse R.

Dear Jesse,

Thank you for checking out our workplace posture video we did a few months back and for reaching out for advice! It is super important to watch your posture because we see quite a few patients here at Elite with neck, shoulder, and back pain due to these posture issues. Kids are on the computers and tablets more than ever since school is now virtual.  I’ve listed some things below to do for your kids at home at either the kitchen table, their desk, or where ever they are doing their school work to help them sit with proper posture and reduce strain on their neck, shoulders, back and even legs.

Make sure their feet  are flat on the floor.

·         Bring the floor to them- most kids are short and it may be hard for them to reach the floor. Considering stacking a phonebook or step stool under them so they make contact with the floor

Computer should be about eye level.

·         Desktops- most screens are adjustable so this is usually an easy fix

·         Laptop/Tablet- Consider stacking on books so that your child is not looking down and flexing their neck too long

Keyboard and mouse:

·         Elbows should be close to their bodies and they should not reach very far to use either the keyboard or mouse.


·         Good back support is necessary

·        May have to put a pillow behind them or under them in order to reach the table and maintain the above mentioned positions.

If these few things do not help, come see us at Elite Physical Therapy and let us give you an individualized assessment of your posture!

Your “Family” Physical Therapist,

Abby LeBlanc, DPT

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of my posture (as an adult). This was great information for me to remember!

    1. So glad you got some good info from our blog! Most people don’t realize that posture is one of the simplest things that can affect many different areas of your body! Taking the time to focus on posture can help your overall health and wellbeing!

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