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30 Aug

Patient Success Story

I broke my left humerus in 3 places in Feb 2021. I spent 7 weeks in a sling and developed “frozen shoulder”. In April, before coming to Elite Physical Therapy, I could only raise my arm maybe 2 to 3 inches from hanging straight down and the pain was excruciating. I started at Elite under the care of Bart Jones, DPT and Carol Vercher, PTA. They advised that progress would be slow as “frozen shoulder syndrome” was one of the worst situations to recover from. Under their expert care and by doing exercise and stretches they prescribed, I made REAL progress every week. I am now able to lift my arm overhead and stretch behind my back!

The staff at Elite Physical Therapy from Emilee at the front desk to Carol Vercher, my PTA, and Bart Jones, my physical therapist are ALWAYS courteous and make therapy a pleasant experience. Bart and Carol are highly knowledgeable and professional. They are both experts in physical therapy and get REAL results. I highly recommend Elite for any of your pain or physical therapy needs!

~Richard Pieper

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