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05 Apr

Patient Success Story

After suffering from low back pain for almost three years and undergoing steroid injections, my physician recommended that I undergo physical therapy.

I was skeptical about physical therapy. I confronted a friend who had similar low back pain and underwent physical therapy and had positive results. I contacted Elite Physical Therapy.

No matter your age or fitness, please consider physical therapy. It works! You will not be disappointed!

My deepest gratitude for all at Elite Physical Therapy. Thanks to the outstanding therapy over a four-week period that I am now pain free.

Bart was great to work with and would always listen to what I had to say and gave the appropriate advice with superb professionalism. I must say that I was very fortunate to be under Bart’s care as he is a true expert. Bart managed to guide me to a perfect recovery and put my back on track comfortably. More important, he provided me with the knowledge on how to treat my pain with regular exercises outside of my sessions.

I will always recommend Elite Physical Therapy to anyone who needs physical therapy! If I ever need physical therapy again (and I hope I do not) I will be at Elite Physical Therapy. The whole atmosphere at Elite Physical Therapy is pleasant and everybody is exceptionally helpful and nice and makes you feel at home. My sincere thanks to all!

~Debra B. Paul

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