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Elite Physical Therapy



Need or Have a Referral from Your Doctor?

Doctor Referral – Few Insurance Companies Require a Physician’s Referral for Physical Therapy.
A referral is NOT always necessary. It is dependent on each specific insurance company/plan. We can check with your insurance company/plan to find out whether or not your insurance requires a doctor’s referral.

Louisiana has direct access which permits a patient to be evaluated by a physical therapist without a physician referral.  If you would like your insurance to pay for physical therapy services, it is important we contact your insurance company to determine if a referral is necessary for benefits to be paid out. If you are not using insurance for your visits, you do not need a referral.
  • If you have already received a referral from your physician, call our office at 318-443-3311 to schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.
  • If a referral is needed, speak with your medical provider who is familiar with your symptoms. In addition to physical therapy, medical diagnostic tests (bloodwork, imaging, etc.) and other treatment options may be recommended. A referral to physical therapy must be signed and shared either on paper or electronically to Elite from your medical provider (i.e. physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner).

 Download our referral form and bring to your doctor to ensure you get ELITE Physical Therapy.   
If you are under the direct care of a physician, your initial evaluation and clinically significant findings will be communicated with your physician.  Download the form HERE.

 What if my doctor has referred me to another physical therapy office? Do I have to go to that PT company?  
If your prescription has another outpatient physical therapy company’s name on it, you do NOT have to go to that clinic. Physical therapy in the state of Louisiana is a direct access. It means you have complete freedom to select the provider of your choice. As long as you have a valid prescription for physical therapy, you can choose what outpatient group to go to. Elite is known throughout Cenla for its personalized therapy treatment plans for our patients. Your care will be customized to your needs if you choose Elite Physical Therapy.