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Elite Physical Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy that Gives You

Getting you back to doing
what you enjoy most in life:

living everyday to its fullest!

Through our specialized physical therapy and occupational therapy services, you can rest assured that when injury or illness strikes, we are here to get you back to functioning again. Bart Jones, Don Cassano and our highly trained physical therapy and occupational therapy staff will provide you with rehabilitative care that is distinctly different, and distinctly better...right here in Central Louisiana.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Elite Physical Therapy has helped me with exceptional professional services. Completely satisfied with their pro care and attitude. Thank ya’ll for everything!
    - Mark Funderburk
    1 / 8
  • “After having bilateral knee surgery, I heard horror stories about rehab. Well, y’all put those stories to rest. While it has been a challenge, each of you have been great at having it done the correct way for the best results. When I first arrived, I could barely lift each leg without help. Now I feel I am on my way to much more pain free way of life.

    To each of you, I admire and respect your knowledge, professionalism, and super personalities!
    Again, I cannot THANK YOU enough for everything. May each of you and your families experience all the very best life has to offer."
    - Joe Moreau
    2 / 8
  • To My PT Team at ELITE,
    I would like to thank you for a job well done putting me back on the road to recovery after my total hip replacement. What an awesome job you guys have done! I could go on but it would have to be in the form of a book! THANK YOU!
    - James L. Holloway
    3 / 8
  • My experience at Elite was very beneficial and enjoyable. The atmosphere was very congenial. The personnel was very pleasant, and all the ladies are very cute. My therapy was very helpful. I recovered quickly and enjoyed all the exercises. I wholeheartedly recommend Elite to anyone who needs therapy services.

    - Herbert Brisbois
    4 / 8
  • After eight years of pain, a total knee replacement was exactly what the doctor ordered. It wasn’t the actual surgery I was dreading, but the months of Physical Therapy. Reading articles about the physical and mental pains of PT on the internet would make anyone want to avoid it. However, my experience was quite different at Elite! The moment I walked into Elite Physical Therapy, my impression was changed. The state of art facility is well managed and clean. Bart and Don have spared no expense and have hired such a professional and friendly staff. Abby made me feel welcome from the start when she chose to be my PT. Her cheery disposition made those sessions less painful. Jayme gave me such personal attention and corrected me in my exercises to make sure I was getting the most out of my therapy. She always challenged me with more weights to make me stronger. My nickname for her was “Mom” because that’s what she became, a concerned and caring mom! All of the assistants showed such care and special attention to make sure I was comfortable and well equipped to complete my therapy sessions. I can only say such wonderful things about the future of Physical Therapy. Derek, a student PTA, impressed me with his kindness and knowledge. His abilities will serve so many patients well after his graduation in October. I was very intimidated to start therapy, but immediately after walking through the doors all my fears were gone. I knew that I would recover 100% with Elite’s help and I did… four weeks ahead of schedule! Thank you Elite Physical Therapy, you are exactly that… ELITE!

    - Gerald LaCombe
    5 / 8
  • This was a work in progress. It gave me the incentive to stretch my muscles and get my lower back in shape after spinal surgery. I feel blessed to have gone to Elite Physical Therapy, met Marcus who taught me the basics to heal myself. I now have more confidence to get back to normal activities as I did before I had my back problems.

    - Ed Freundlich Jr
    6 / 8
  • After suffering from low back pain for almost three years and undergoing steroid injections my physician recommended that I undergo physical therapy. I was skeptical about physical therapy. I confronted a friend who had similar low back pain and underwent physical therapy and had positive results. I contacted Elite Physical Therapy. No matter your age or fitness, please consider physical therapy. It works! You will not be disappointed! My deepest gratitude for all at Elite Physical Therapy. Thanks to the outstanding therapy over a four-week period that I am now pain-free. I met with Bart Jones. Bart was great to work with and would always listen to what I had to say and gave the appropriate advice with superb professionalism. I must say that I was very fortunate to be under Bart's care as he is a true expert. Bart managed to guide me to a perfect recovery and put my back on track comfortably. More importantly, he provided me with the knowledge on how to treat my pain with regular exercises outside of my sessions. I will always recommend Elite Physical Therapy to anyone who needs physical therapy. If I ever need physical therapy again (and I hope I do not) I will be at Elite Physical Therapy. The whole atmosphere at Elite Physical Therapy is pleasant and everybody is exceptionally helpful and nice and makes you feel at home. My sincere thanks to all!

    - Debra B. Paul
    7 / 8
  • Elite PT is an exceptional PT clinic. My DPT was Julia Harrison-Sketo. She is a awesome PT!  She is very knowledgeable and very kind. She was always very informative and encouraging!  I had an incomplete spinal cord injury in January 2019 and came to Elite in March 2019 under the excellent care of Julia! Julia told me that I will walk again and I SO needed to hear that!   Even though I still have a long way to go, I will always hear her words!  We have moved to Texas for the next few months so I had to leave but I will be back!! The entire staff is very kind and helpful!  Wonderful PTA and Techs, Jessica, Sara, and Mary were excellent (just to name a few)! 
    - Angela Strother
    8 / 8

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